Eurico elected chairman of Timor union

The Jakarta Post | Wed, 12/01/2010 10:53 AM | The Archipelago

KUPANG, East Nusa Tenggara: Eurico Gutteres, former East Timor Integration Troop deputy commander, was elected Tuesday as the general chairman of Timor Aswain Union (Untas) for the 2010-2014 period. The election was held peacefully in a meeting attended by 500 people from West Timor, Bali, Jakarta and Yogyakarta, despite earlier fears that it would be marred by violence. Eurico said one of Untas’ programs would be internal consolidation by encouraging all pro-integration East Timorese to feel that they belong to the organization. He further said that he would strive to make Untas a non-partisan and respected partner to the Indonesian government. The ultimate objective of the organization will be to focus on improvements in the welfare of Indonesians of East Timorese descent. “To achieve this purpose, we have devised a motto: It belongs to all of us,” he said. — JP

source: The Jakarta Post

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