East Timor government launches “transparency” website

Dili, East Timor, 17 March – A “Transparency” website was Tuesday launched in Dili by the East Timor government, a measure defined by Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão as another tool that would contribute to the country’s development and prevent corruption.

“A very important measure that establishes a new global standard for information provided to citizens, offering a new way forward for transparency, responsibility, supervision and control,” the prime minister said at the session to launch the new website.

The “Transparency” website (http://www.transparency.gov.tl) is available in the Tetum language, Portuguese and English and published East Timor’s state accounts starting in 2002, for whoever wants to know about them, as Finance Minister, Emília Pires said.

“Directors, ministers, partners, civil society… when they want information about State spending, they just have to go to this website,” the minister said adding that all information was updated on the site in real time. (macauhub)

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