Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard discusses

Libya, Timor at UN

Thursday, 10 March 2011

New York, March 10: Prime Minister Julia Gillard had discussed the tensions in Libya and developments in East Timor with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in New York.

The talks followed the Prime Minister's address to a joint meeting of Congress in Washington, in which she said the rise of the Asia-Pacific region would define modern times and urged Beijing to be "a good global citizen".

She also pledged to stand with the US to "support orderly transitions to democracy" in the Middle East.

Ms Gillard said after the meeting at the UN she welcomed the contingency planning under way to deal with Libya.

"We would hope the Security Council moves quickly," she said.

She said Australia would only support a no-fly zone if the Security Council endorsed it.

The Prime Minister said her understanding of a no-fly zone was that it would include military action against airfields and missile silos in Libya.

The pair also discussed the future of East Timor after the UN mandate expires in 2012 and the mission in Afghanistan.

Ms Gillard said Australia welcomed the ongoing informal talks between Security Council members about further action against Libya.

"We share a deep concern about what is happening in Libya and a deep concern about the continuing violence," she said.


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