Angola: East Timor Interested in

Professional Training Experience

28 March 2011

Luanda — East Timor is interested to learn from Angola's professional training experience, Angop learned Monday in Luanda.

The wish was expressed by the national director of East Timor Professional Training Department, Albano Salem.

The official, who recognised Angola's progress in the sector, was speaking on the fringes of the 11th Meeting of Ministers of Labour and Social Affairs of the Portuguese Speaking Community (CPLP), taking place in Luanda until March 30.

He said Angola's progress is owed to the country's professional training centres policies, upgrading of its technicians and other strategies that are securing its rapid and sustainable development.

In the prospective cooperation with Angola, Albano Salem identified the areas of trainers upgrading centres, civil construction and electricity as priorities.

"During our stay in Angola, we will visit some professional training centres in Luanda, where we will have the possibility of checking the progress scored," he said.

He admitted that cooperation between the two countries in the field of professional training is still poor, adding his institution will endeavour to have it expanded and strengthened.

"We want to reinforce our cooperation with Angola in the area of professional training, in order to exchange experience and share information on various matters related to the sector," he stated.

Albano Salem said East Timor has a professional training policy directed to the labour market and has also created a legislation on the issue.

As to the participation in the meeting, the official said East Timor will seek an exchange of experience with other CPLP members and contribute its achievements in the domain of professional training.He said his department has several partnerships with national and foreign institutions and is outlining strategies to connect the training centres with higher education authorities in order to equip trainees with a stronger technical and scientific skill.

The meeting that is going with the motto "The challenges of professional training and social integration in the CPLP" is being attended by representatives of Angola, Brazil, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São-Tomé and Príncipe and Portugal, including International Labour Organisation (ILO) officials.


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