Timor-Leste breaches agreement, says Kupang Korem commander

Timor Newsline, 23 August 2010- Summary by Alberico Junior
Indonesia’s TNI Kupang Korem Commander, Colonel I Dewa Ketut Siangan said the recent Naktuka border case appeared was not Indonesia’s fault, but it was the Timorese Government’s fault, due it breached th
e agreement made by the two governments on the border demarcation. By: Santino Dare Matias http://timornewsline.com/

Naktuka border case will not disturb TL and RI’s relationship

Diario Nacional, 23 August 2010- Summary by Alberico Junior

Indonesian Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Eddy Setia Budi said although the Indonesia’s TNI soldiers had illegally crossed t
he country’s border, but it would not disturb bilateral ties between Timor-Leste and Indonesia in future, due to the two countries had always communicated with each other.

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