Angelita Pires

Angelita Pires

Ex-wife cuts loose over love triangle


THE Territory's best-known barrister was allegedly attacked with a samurai sword by his former wife.

And his new girlfriend - who was cleared of trying to assassinate East Timor's leading politicians - was allegedly smashed in the head with a rock.

Jon Tippett and Angelita Pires have lodged a complaint with police against Vicki Nangala, who is expected to be interviewed by police when she returns to Darwin from out bush today.

The love triangle allegedly exploded into violence in two separate attacks.

Ms Nangala, who is a communications officer in Chief Minister Paul Henderson's office, allegedly walked in the back door of Mr Tippett's home and legal chambers in Larrakeyah, grabbed his 80cm-long ceremonial sword and slashed him behind the ear.

She allegedly struck again early on Sunday morning. Ms Pires had driven Mr Tippett home after having dinner with the Australian Chief Justice when Ms Nangala allegedly stepped out from the shadows under the high-set house armed with a rock.

She allegedly smashed the rock into the car three times as Mr Tippett shouted to Ms Pires: "Quick, lock the door and get out of here."

Ms Pires hit what she thought was the door lock but instead opened the window. Ms Nangala allegedly leaned in to the car and hit her in the left side of the face with the rock.

The frightened couple immediately drove to Darwin police station and made statutory declarations.

Ms Pires told police in a statutory declaration that her attacker screamed: "I'll kill you, I'll kill you."

She told police she had returned home on three other occasions and found Ms Nangala in the driveway.

"I'm scared about what she is capable of doing because I have seen injuries that John has received when she attacked him with a samurai sword in his office."

Mr Tippett defended Ms Pires in an East Timor court earlier this year after she was charged with conspiring to assassinate President Jose Ramos Horta and Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao.

She was the girlfriend of Major Alfredo Reinado, the rebel leader who was shot dead during the gunfight that left Mr Horta wounded.

source: NT NEWS

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