Motor Vehicle Accident In East Timor

Motor Vehicle Accident In East Timor

A motor vehicle accident occurred on 18 December 2009 involving an Australian Defence Force (ADF) vehicle, operating as part of the International Stabilisation Force (ISF), and a female East Timorese pedestrian. The woman later died in hospital.

Immediate first aid had been administered by ADF personnel at the accident scene, prior to the woman being transported by an East Timorese ambulance to the Dili Hospital for further medical care. The ISF Medical Officer then visited Dili Hospital that afternoon where medical staff confirmed she had sustained a broken leg and lacerations.

During a routine visit to Dili Hospital on 1 January 2010, the ISF Medical Officer enquired into the woman's health and was advised that she had died on the evening of admission.

The ISF immediately contacted local police to offer assistance in the investigation and were informed the matter was not under investigation. Subsequent to this inquiry local police have commenced a routine investigation which is ongoing. The ISF is also conducting an internal investigation.

The ISF operates at the invitation of the Government of East Timor, and in support of the United Nations, to maintain stability and provide a secure environment for the ongoing development of East Timor.


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