MEDIA FLASH: De facto government and FRETILIN find way forward on Anti Corruption Commissioner Nomination


FRETILIN welcomes the new spirit of cooperation and consensus mindedness that has emerged from the de facto government in relation to the nomination of candidates for the post of Anti Corruption Commissioner.

As has been reported in the media there was clearly a conciliatory mood from the de facto government. This is a positive development and one that is clearly in the national interests given the important of the issue.

However, media reports such as that printed below, that FRETILIN will be permitted to add a name of a candidate of its choice to the list of candidates are simply incorrect.

FRETILIN has never sought, it does not seek and did not seek at the meeting, and will not be nominating anyone as a prospective candidate to the post.

Neither was it an agreed outcome from the meeting today that it be permitted to do so.

It is legally incumbent on the government to nominate a candidate(s), and for the parliament to vote to either accept or reject such a candidate(s) and vote for one person to be appointed as commissioner.

FRETILIN looks forward to parliament receiving the list of candidates and for the parliamentary deliberations on the matter to progress.

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AMP Government Bows to FRETILIN, Will Nominate New Anti-Corruption Commissioner Next Week

CJITL flash (19.01.2010): The Parliamentary Majority Alliance (AMP) led by Jose Alexandre Gusmao, finally has bowed to the point of view of the FRETILIN opposition regarding the nomination of Anti Corruption Commissioner (ACC).

Discussions regarding the appointment of the ACC on Tuesday (19 Jan) give a positive indication for FRETILIN because the government accepts FRETILIN nominating a candidate for the position of Commissioner.

The President of the National Parliament, Fernando Lasama de Araujo said that the government’s proposal for the candidate for the Anti Corruption Commissioner sent to the parliament for selection and voting has not progressed because of want of quorum, which according to the law means 49 MPs.
“This has stalled and this has its political impacts, with things not moving forward,” The President said at Parliament House this Tuesday (19.01.10)

“The leaders of the parliamentary parties met and decided to request the Prime Minister to come to sit with the leaders of all of the parliamentary parties to see how we could find a solution to this impasse.”

The former Cipinang prisoner explained that many MPs thanked Xanana for being able to reconsider the position and enable FRETILIN MPs to nominate a candidate.

“I am happy because today we could sit, talk and listen to one another, this does not mean there was consensus but there was an agreement to review the list of candidates to be brought to us, and the government would make certain approaches but no date has been determined yet,” he declared.

Antonino Bianco from the FRETILIN group said that today there was a meeting of all the leaders of the parliamentary parties with the Prime Minister and a result is now awaited as to who will be the ACC next week.

FRETILIN itself does not yet have a strong candidate to compete with Aderito de Jesus, who is the government’s strong candidate.

Fernanda Borges, as the leader of the National Unity Party said that, “it is the government that has to find the ACC but it must appoint someone with the appropriate background, someone who is impartial, neutral and competent,” Borges said.

When journalists tried to interview Xanana Gusmao he declined to comment merely saying that it would be better for them to interview the President of the Parliament. (Red Spider III/CJITL).

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