Call for justice in East Timor

A University of Ulster researcher is helping the Foreign Office seek justice in East Timor.Skip related content

Dr Paul Hainsworth, a senior lecturer at the school of criminology, politics and social policy, met members of the Whitehall department as well as a secretary for MPs concerned about human rights.

The expert in Timorese politics outlined the international dimension of the truth process in East Timor.

"As one of the United Nations' most recent members, and following a period of serious conflict in the territory, Timor-Leste is at an important stage in its development," he said.

"Issues of human rights, justice and impunity are at the centre of current debates.

"At the same time, the country is looking to enhance its socio-economic development and address issues such as infrastructural construction, health, poverty and unemployment.

"The international community has a constructive role to play in these and other matters and the recent debate at the United Nations will have served to focus attention here."


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