UN police officer found shot dead in East Timor

AP - Wednesday, October 14

DILI, East Timor – An investigator says a U.N. police officer has been found dead with gunshot wounds in a hotel room in East Timor.

Timorese police investigator Mateus Fernandes said Tuesday that officer Frans Jemba of Gambia was "shot twice in the head and chest."

Fernandes said Jemba was last seen leaving his post Friday, and it was unclear if his death was suicide or a crime. The body was found late Friday.

The United Nations has 1,600 police officers from 42 countries stationed in East Timor to maintain the peace in the young democracy, which emerged from colonial rule in 2002. Jemba's mission was recently extended from one year to 18 months.

Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao encouraged authorities to conduct a "comprehensive inquiry into the tragic loss."


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