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“Atauro Day – Saturday the 12th of September”

Saturday the 12th of September will mark the second Loron Atauro / Atauro Day. Communities from across Atauro Island will perform local rituals including song, dance and drama in a festival that encourages tourism to the island. Visitors will get to see, hear and experience the fantastic traditions, culture and scenery of Atauro Island. Food, drinks and local handicrafts will be on sale near the event’s main performance area in Beloi.

Last month, the first ever Atauro Day was attended by the President of Timor-Leste, His Excellency Dr. Jose Ramos-Horta; the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Timor-Leste, Atul Khare; and various ambassadors as well as local and international guests.


President Ramos-Horta commented, “Atauro Day is a magnificent event as you get the best of both worlds – you are helping to support rural livelihoods while experiencing the fantastic natural environment of Atauro Island.”

The ferry tickets sold out very quickly last month, however the larger ferry Nakroma is now back in Timor-Leste and can carry up to 300 passengers so even more guests will be able to attend. 

NGO Ba Futuru together local NGO Roman Luan are the organizers of this event which is part of their Income Generation and Peace and Development Project for Atauro. This pilot project has received support until December 2009 from the Office of the President and the Office of the Prime Minister.

Atauro Day is a monthly event, which will be held the second Saturday of each month. The Saturday ferry leaves around 8:30 am from Dili harbour and returns the same day to Dili in the late afternoon and is the main transportation used for this event. Visitors that wish to extend their visit to Atauro can do so by returning to Dili on Sunday or Monday, via local outriggers (5USD p.p.) or charter boats (approx. 50USD p.p.).

For more information regarding this event call 7382208

Tua Koin Eco Village: 7236085 / Barry’s Resort: 7236084

Tiger Fuel Boat Charters:  7230965

“Loron Atauro – Sabadu 12 Setembru”

Sabadu 12 Setembru maka hanesan segundo Loron Atauro / Atauro Day. Komunidade husi Ila Atauro tomak atu partisipa eventu ne’e hodi hatudu sira nia performensia inklui: hananu tradisional, dansa no baku babadook iha festa ida ne’ebe objetivu atu lori tourista ba Atauro. Bainaka sira se asiste, rona, no esperiensia tradisionais fantastiku, kultura no ambiente Atauru nian. Iha area besik performance nian iha Beloi besik Ro nia para fatin, sei fa’an hahan, bebidas, no sasan local nian. 

Presidente da Republika Timor-Leste, Dr. Jose Ramos-Horta; Representante Spesial Sekretario Geral ONU Atul Khare; embaixadors oin-oin no bainaka husi Timor-Leste no rai seluk tuir Loron Atauro premeiru iha fulan Agustu.  

Presidente Ramos-Horta hetenen, “Loron Atauro mak eventu diak teb-tebes tamba ita hetan buat rua ne’ebe diak iha tempu ida – ita suporta moris ba ema iha base no esperiensia meiu-ambiente fantastiku Atauro nian.” 

Ro bo’ot nia billete faan hotu lailais iha fulan kotuk maibe agora Nakroma mai fali Timor-Leste no bele lori ema to’o 300 nune’e ema barak mak bele tuir. 

ONG Ba Futuru hamutuk no ONG lokal Roman Luan organiza eventu ida ne’e tamba parte ida sira nia projetu Generasaun Kresimentu (Income Generation), Dezenvolvimentu no Dame ba Atauro. Projetu ne’e hetan fundus husi Gabineti Presidensia RDTL no Gabineti Primeiru Ministru RDTL atu lao to’o Decembru 2009. 

Loron Atauro mak eventu fulan-fulan, ne’ebe sei halao iha sabadu segundu kada fulan. Nakroma ba Atauro Sabadu-sabadu ho folin ($2-5 ba no $2-5 mai kada ema ida) ne’ebe aranka husi Porto Dili iha tuku 8.30 no fila fali kedas iha loron hanesan iha lorokraik, ida ne’e maka sei sai hanesan tranporte ne’ebe usa ba eventu ne’e.  Bainaka sira ne’ebe hakarak halo naruk tan sira nia visita iha Atauro bele mos iha domingu ka segunda, transporte folin ro local ($5 kada ema ida) ka Ro ki’ik malae (Aprox. $50 kada ema ida, sei iha ema barak).

Atu hetan informasaun liu tan konaba eventu ne’e, bolu ba

Ba Futuru 7382208

Eco Village Tua Ko’in: 7236085

Barry’s Place:7236084

Tiger Fuel Boat Charter: 7230965

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