Music: Oh Hele Le by Ego Lemos

Title: Oh Hele Le
Artist: Ego Lemos
Released: 04/10/09
Available Formats: CD, DIGITAL

"The aim of these recordings is to share with the rest of the world Timorese music, and the messages about peace and nature, and moreover, to diversify the roots of the world music"...Ego Lemos 2009
Ego Lemos is a remarkable man, with a remarkable voice in more ways than
one. Regarded as a significant East Timorese community member, Ego has lived
through three tumultuous periods of his nation's history.  He has
interpreted and modernised some of the most beautiful and heart-wrenching
traditional melodies from his nation's history, and produced a wreath of
original songs in the Nation's lingua-franca, Tetum. He sings
about issues such as the centrality of water to life, praises the nation's
peasant farmers in their unceasing toil, and urges his people to remain
positive and strive for unity.

Ego Lemos' poignant, subliminally strong debut solo album 'O Hele Le'
gradually penetrates the psyche where his voice remains for some time after.

Ego Lemos demonstrates a great intimacy and connection with songwriting and
his album highlights the tremendous talent he has to offer Indigenous music
in Australia, and indeed, the world.

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