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Clearing House for Archival Records on Timor (CHART Project) Blog

Timor Archives blog is an off-shoot of the Australian archival project known as CHART (Clearing House for Archival Records on Timor).

CHART’s main aim is to identify any privately-held Australian collections of documentary material on East Timor (1974-1999) and promote their preservation and access for future generations of Australians and East Timorese. See the CollectionsTimorese Archives and CHART sections for more project detail.

Reconstruction of the limited, shamefully out-of-date project website is currently beyond my capacity. For the predictable future, this blog will be the primary window into CHART work.

In addition to the more formal aspects of the CHART project, this blog will feature regular blog posts on any Timor archives issue which I think interesting. Some of these posts will feed into a series of  debateable ‘position papers’ on matters arising from my CHART project work (seeIssues section).

All of this will be enriched by your comments or other contributions. See the About section for more on how you might add to the discussion on Timor archives.

Keep an eye on timorfile posts on Twitter for blog update info and other Timor archival miscellany.

Any feedback, suggestions most welcome.

John Waddingham


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